What is MacTracker?

Currently, MacTracker isn't anything other than an unfulfilled idea. Originally, it was intended to be a place to buy and sell used Macs.

Who Owns MacTracker?

It is owned by me, Sam Choukri. I have been creating web sites since 1994 (the year I bought my first Mac). I currently work as a programmer for

In case you're wondering, I am NOT a domain name speculator. I own exactly two domain names: and I can't stand it when people and companies purchase large quantities of domain names with no intention of ever using them.

Is MacTracker For Sale?

I would like to keep MacTracker until I am able to fulfill my original vision of it. However, I do not anticipate having sufficient time for it in the forseeable future. I don't want to stand in the way of some enterprising individual or company who can make good use of the domain immediately. Therefore, I will consider all reasonable offers for purchase or lease of

If you'd like to contact me regarding the domain name, please send email to sam "at" mactracker "dot" com.